What does SCAPE mean ?

It is an acronym for Swiss Cancer Patient Experiences.

Who can participate ?

The surveys target people who were treated or cared for cancer (any type) at one of the participating oncology centers. A randomly selected sample of the targeted individuals (900 per center) receives an envelope at home containing an invitation letter to participate in the survey and the questionnaire. 

How was I selected ?

Participating oncology centers use their databases to identify eligible patients for the surveys. Then, a random draw is conducted to select 900 patients per participating center. 

How did you get my name and address ?

Oncology centers handle the mailing of the questionnaire to patients identified in their administrative databases. They do not send patient’s names and addresses to Unisanté. 

Who should fill in the questionnaire ?

The questions must be answered by the person named in the invitation letter to participate in the survey attached to the questionnaire that was sent to the patients' homes. If this person needs help filling out the questionnaire, a relative or friend can help, but the answers must be given from their point of view - not from the relative or friend's point of view.

How do I complete the questionnaire ?

For each question, you should clearly mark the closest box to your point of view with a black or blue pen. 

Do I have to answer all the questions ?

It is important to answer all the questions asked, unless the instructions say to skip a question. 

How long does it take to complete the questionnaire ?

Completing the questionnaire should take between 20 and 30 minutes.

What are the guarantees of confidentiality ?

To ensure the confidentiality of the data, a coding procedure was implemented. Coding means that the personal information (name, address, date of birth, patient number) has been replaced by a 5-digit "code." The data collected with the questionnaire contain this code; they do not contain a name or address. The key to the code (the link between the personal information and the code) is in a password-protected document, accessible only to the local oncology center coordinator. The center does not have access to the answers provided in the questionnaire, which is located at Unisanté.

The data from the questionnaire are deidentified after data collection (i.e. the document with the encryption key is destroyed). Thereafter, it is impossible to link the answers to a name.

Who receives the results ?

The main results of the survey are presented on the survey website, in an aggregated and interactive form. Participatins centers also receive the results for their center, with the overall results for all centers as a comparison. 

What do you do with the results ?

The survey results provide an insight into the experiences of cancer care and can guide the development and implementation of interventions and models of care to improve cancer care by identifying areas of care that are less well evaluated by patients.

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